New Law from the Department of Transport.

Having now lived with Covid-19 , things are slowly being normalised into routine. A problem, that had to be dealt with was the ‘wearing of masks’. Recently the Singaporean Government took on the whole responsibility of the Covid-19 testing budget of taxi drivers. It was also mandatory for the drivers and passengers to take precautions as much as possible.

But in England, the Transport Department has decided on something different. The new law introduced is that passengers have to cover their faces.

If any passenger fails to cover his/ her face, then the penalty issued will now be doubled from £100 to £200.

The Department of Transport in England also mentioned that drivers should also take precautions. However, Drivers not taking precautions will not be issued a fine. This law is for passengers; it is their responsibility to follow the law.

Taxi companies like Uber, have made strict rules regarding wearing masks. In such cases, it is important for both, drivers, as well as a passenger, should cover the face.

Study shows that wearing a face mask could cut Covid-19 spread by up to 40%.

The new law contains the following points:

  • The responsibility lies with the passengers to wear mask covering, drivers can ask or remind, they cannot insist.
  • If the driver has asked, and the passenger refuses, then the passenger will be liable for the fine.
  • There is no legal right to “insist” on seeing proof of exemption as it stands right now.
  • Drivers CAN refuse to take passengers who don’t wear a face cover as this would fall under “any reasonable cause” for refusal.

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