2-click booking, real time updates & driver ratings

We make it easy for your passengers too

Your customers now expect the Uber experience – great service, real time updates and easy ways to pay. The Zoom Passenger App makes it really simple for passengers to book a journey with you. They just download the app and then can book a car with just two taps, for a journey now or later.

The app gives them an expected time of arrival, and they can follow the car’s progress both in the app or via text messaging, all in real time. And because we take care of all the branding and maintenance, there’s no extra cost to you.

Once the journey is complete, you can pay directly from the app (once you have registered your card details), and rate your driver.

The Zoom Passenger app is available for a small fee. So test drive Zoom yourself – start your 2 week FREE trial today.

Passenger App works on Android and iOS

Branded with your logo

Live mapping of driver, plus driver and car details

Book and track multiple bookings

2-click booking for users

They can view the driver’s profile and live arrival estimates

Cash and card payment options

Rate the driver function

Book now and for future journeys

They can contact the driver by phone

Rebook a previous journey

Send push notifications about your driver status & location & ETA

Watch the video

See how easy it is to link dispatch with your drivers, and let your passengers book via an app, text or voice.

If you like what you see, why not take a 2 week FREE trial? Zoom could help you keep drivers, attract customers and win new business.

The Zoom difference

You want the full taxi app experience – with easy bookings, real time updates and the chance to rate a driver. Zoom delivers every time.

You expect to be able to book quickly and easily over the phone, web or an app. Plus you want to track the driver’s location, and check them out before you arrive. And last but not least, you want to be able to pay easily and share your experience with others. Zoom does all of this, and more.

The benefits

Easy to book via app, phone or web

Be recognised by the system to make booking quick

Unique 2-click booking via the app

Check out the driver before the journey

See exactly where your car is

Receive text updates, including arrival times

Rate the driver

4 simple packages – Plus a 2 week FREE trial

With Zoom there are no monthly fees and no hidden charges. You just pay for what you use, with a fixed cost per journey. For branded passenger apps and booking widget there will be a small customisation fee.

Not ready just yet?

If you don’t want to take a free trial yet, no problem. Just give us your email address and we’ll let you know when any other offers come up.

    Share Zoom with a colleague

    Don’t keep Zoom to yourself – let a colleague know about Zoom. Just to let you know, we won’t store any of these details.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can passengers book journeys for now and later?

      Yes. With a simple extra tap of their finger, passengers can choose a date and time in the future for which to book.

      In what different ways can customers pay for their journeys?

      Zoom allows flexibility when it comes to customer payments. They can pay by cash or card, and accounts can also be set up with options such as credit limits.

      Will customers receive details of their driver?

      Once the driver has accepted a passenger’s fare, the passenger will be able to see all the details of the driver, vehicle, registration plate and rating.

      From there they will also be able to call the driver with one tap of a button if he/she has not arrived yet.

      What should a potential customer do to start using the app?

      Customers simply have to download the app from the iOS or Android store, then signup. After this they will be able to book jobs to their hearts content!