This is why you should choose Zoom

This is why you should choose Zoom

It makes booking easier

Zoom is easy to use in the office, and on the road. Passengers can book journeys with a couple of taps on their phone, through the website or by calling. The system then sends each job to the nearest driver – it’s quick, easy and fair.

It makes the business easier

With real-time reporting and easy to use dashboards, Zoom makes it easy for everyone to see what’s going on. And it can take care of the paperwork too, freeing people up to work on other parts of the business.

Zoom Dispatcher software

Benefits for Owners and Managers

As the private hire sector becomes more and more competitive, you need to make sure your business can keep running, keep drivers and win new customers.

You also want to bring down your costs while giving your passengers an even better quality of service. That’s where Zoom can help. There’s no need to invest in new equipment. It’s simply ‘pay as you go,’ with a flat fee for every journey. So make booking easier, and fight back against the competition.

Cut your costs

Enjoy the benefits whatever the size of your fleet

Pay as you go, with no hidden charges

No need to invest in new IT equipment or computers

System are easy to use and ready to use, with minimal training needed

Real-time dashboards let you see everything you need

Build your business grow your customer database

Attract new account customers

Benefits for dispatchers

From paying drivers to doing the paperwork, you’ve got lots to do – plus you’ve got to arrange all the bookings too. Zoom takes care of everything and makes sure jobs go smoothly.

Our automatic dispatch function makes sure jobs are sent to the most appropriate driver, quickly and efficiently. That can be a real help when it comes to managing peak times. Plus you can add and remove as many drivers as you like, for no additional charge.

Zoom is easy to use, in fact it’s probably like the system you already use. It’s based in the cloud, which means there’s no need to buy new IT hardware or phones, and your staff won’t need lots of training either.

Easy to use system, similar to software you know, with minimal training required

No need to buy new IT equipment or computers

Handle peaks of business more easily - no need to hire more operators

Add as many drivers or cars as you need, whenever you need them

Intelligent reporting and dashboards keep you up to speed

See which drivers are performing best

Keep drivers happy, and keep them working for you

System constantly backs up your customer database

Zoom Dispatcher software

Benefits for drivers

You want to know you’re getting a fair share of the fares, and to see how much you’re earning. That’s where Zoom makes all the difference.

Zoom Dispatch’s smart auto-dispatch algorithm helps make sure that all jobs are shared fairly between the drivers. That’s good news for the customer, and great news for you. The Zoom Driver App gives you all the tools you need: best in class 3D mapping, a fare meter, plus messaging and reporting functions too.

Know you’re getting a fair share of the jobs

Always see exactly what you’re earning

It’s easy to use, with no need for special equipment

Great mapping and directions

Works with any Smartphone

Easy to get started – just download the app

App manages all payments, including cash, card or account

Benefits for passengers

You want the full taxi app experience – with easy bookings, real time updates and the chance to rate a driver. Zoom delivers every time.

Zoom Passenger App contains all of the tools your passengers need for a great experience. The app’s unique 2-click booking function couldn’t be quicker or simpler to use, and you’ll see the driver’s location in the app and via texts too. The Zoom Passenger App even stores your card details so you can pay quickly and easily from the app.

Easy to book via app, phone or web

Be recognised by the system to make booking quick

Unique 2-click booking via the app

Check out the driver before the journey

See exactly where your car is

Receive text updates, including arrival times

Rate the driver

4 simple packages – Plus a 2 week FREE trial

With Zoom there are no monthly fees and no hidden charges. You just pay for what you use, with a fixed cost per journey. For branded passenger apps and booking widget there will be a small customisation fee.

Not ready just yet?

If you don’t want to take a free trial yet, no problem. Just give us your email address and we’ll let you know when any other offers come up.

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