Just pay for what you use

Our packages – just pay for what you use

Other driver dispatch systems come with monthly charges and maintenance costs. Some have hidden charges. But with Zoom, there’s nothing hidden and no ongoing charges. You simply pay for what you use.

We offer 3 simple packages to choose from. So you can match the service to your budget. If you want to upgrade to a different service at any point, no problem. Just let us know and we’ll take care of it for you.

Why not take a 6 week FREE trial now to see just what Zoom could do for your business?

Option 1
driver app


For a flat rate of just £0.18 per journey you get Zoom Dispatch, with its intelligent auto-dispatch algorithm and reporting, PLUS the Zoom Driver App, with 3D mapping, fare meter, messaging and reporting. And there’s no need to invest in new IT equipment or phones.

You’ll have everything you need to supercharge your business, and it’s all just ‘pay as you go’ with a fixed cost per trip. Your customers only pay for what they use, so why shouldn’t you?

You pay £0.18 per trip, with no hidden charges

Zoom Dispatch system with intelligent auto-dispatch algorithm

Plus Zoom Driver App with 3D mapping and fare meter

Works with existing equipment and phones

Unlock improvements through reports and dashboards

Helps with the paperwork

Option 2
passenger app


For £0.25 per journey you also get the Zoom Passenger App. It’s branded with your logo, and it gives your customers everything they need for a great experience. With a unique 2-click booking feature, it’s quick and easy to book, and the customer sees the driver’s location in the app and via texts. The Zoom Passenger App stores the customer’s card details for quick payment, and they can also rate your driver.

You can receive calls via Zoom Dispatcher software. The system recognises any returning customers, displaying their details to the dispatcher at the start of the call.

It all adds up to a great customer experience, and it’s all still ‘pay as you go’ with a fixed cost per trip and no hidden charges.

You pay £0.25 per trip, no hidden charges

All the Driver App benefits, PLUS:

The Zoom Passenger App, with unique 2-click booking function, live car tracking, card payments and “rate the driver” function

Text message updates on driver status

Take phone calls through Zoom Dispatch, with caller recognition

Option 3
Bespoke packages


Your business has a unique set of requirements. For larger businesses, or businesses looking to grow, we can tailor our services to meet just about any need.

With our bespoke packages we can modify Zoom’s features and branding to suit your specific requirements, and provide you with a package of services to help with setup, data transfer, training and support.

You can also install our free booking widget on your own website, giving your customers another way to book a journey for now, or for a later date.

The whole package is still ‘pay as you go’, with a fixed cost per trip and no hidden charges.

To find out more, and see how cost-effective it could be, simply apply for your FREE trial now. Or email us directly.

Bespoke pricing, from £0.72 per trip

All the benefits of the Driver and Passenger Apps, PLUS:

All features and branding tailored to your needs

No limit to your dispatcher licenses

Dedicated support and training

Free data migration

Book over the website for jobs now or in the future

Compare Features

Intelligent auto-dispatch algorithm
Live mapping of drivers' cars, colour coded by fare status
Call queues
Quick address search, quick fare entry
Quickest & shortest route optimisation
Instant messaging between driver and dispatcher
Flexible zones, tariffs & pricing
Easy to manage the account, customer and driver details
Manage a customisable list of documents for each drivers and vehicles
Reports 1 – gross and net revenue
Reports 2 – phone vs. web vs. app revenue
Reports 3 – drivers' earnings
Account Invoices and Driver Statements
Export and download data with just one click
Send booking status emails to customers
Multiple dispatchers with different roles & screens
SMS notifications to customers about driver status
VoIP numbers and call queues (VoIP costs inclusive)
Receive calls through dispatcher plus caller recognition
Driver App works on Android and iOS
3D mapping & turn-by-turn voice navigation
Built-in fare meter
Searchable trips and earnings histories
Override fare and charge tips
Contact customers directly via phone
Contact dispatch directly via phone
Upload driver's documents (customisable list)
Emergency button alerts dispatch
Flight information
Driver profile and photographs
Booking notes
Passenger App works on Android and iOS
Branded with your logo and colour
Live mapping of driver, plus driver and car details
2-click booking for users
They can view the driver's profile and live arrival estimates
Cash and card payment options
Rate the driver function
Book and track multiple bookings
Book now and for future journeys
They can contact the driver by phone
Send push notifications about your driver status, location & ETA
Rebook a previous journey
Can be embedded into your existing website
Customise it with your own branding
It's all integrated with Zoom Dispatch
Book for current and future jobs
Cash, card, and PayPal payment options
Manage your business customers
Email and telephone support in working hours
Online ticketing system
Comprehensive Knowledge Base and User Guides
Free updates
Support over the phone
Support over Skype and Team Viewer
End-to-end customisation to your every requirement
Unlimited dispatcher licenses
Dedicated account manager
Unlimited VoIP numbers included
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call recording
Free data migration