The full system – dispatch, driver & passenger apps

Dispatch, driver & customer apps

After Uber, customers want to be able to book journeys straight from their smartphone. With instant updates, no fuss and no hassle.

Zoom lets you give your customers what they want, without having to invest in new IT or training. The dispatch system is based in the cloud, so all you need is a web browser. Your drivers just download the app onto their existing smartphones. You can even import all your existing customer data from the cab management system you’re currently using.

Passengers book via the phone, the app or your website. The Zoom Passenger App gives them a unique 2-click booking system. It then connects them to the driver with real-time mapping, plus text and app updates and car identification. At the end of the journey they can pay and rate the driver directly from the app. All easy to use, all branded with your logo.

Zoom Dispatch makes it easy for you to manage bookings too, thanks to the powerful automated job dispatch. It allocates jobs to the nearest driver automatically, which helps you deal with peak times. All the Zoom Dispatch screens are easy to use and available via a web browser. Just like lots of other popular cab and taxi management systems. And if you choose to receive voice calls via Zoom Dispatch, it automatically identifies repeat customers as the call comes in.

The Zoom Driver App links the driver to the dispatcher, and also provides the best in class 3D mapping, reporting functions and a fare meter.

So Zoom keeps your drivers happy, your passengers up to speed and boosts your business too. Start your 2 week FREE trial today, and experience the benefits yourself.

Watch the video

See how easy it is to link dispatch with your drivers, and let your passengers book via an app, text or voice.

If you like what you see, why not take a 2 week FREE trial? Zoom could help you keep drivers, attract customers and win new business.

The benefits to owners

Zoom comes with simple, real-time dashboards so you can see just how business is doing. You can run forecasts, and see your current cash position, including all work on accounts.

Zoom can also report back to your business account customers. That makes the paperwork easier for them too. So you could stand out from the other companies and win new business.

Cut your costs

Enjoy the benefits whatever the size of your fleet

Pay as you go, with no hidden charges

No need to invest in new IT equipment or computers

System is easy to use and ready to use, with minimal training needed

Real-time dashboards let you see everything you need

4 simple packages – Plus a 2 week FREE trial

With Zoom there are no monthly fees and no hidden charges. You just pay for what you use, with a fixed cost per journey. For branded passenger apps and booking widget there will be a small customisation fee.

Not ready just yet?

If you don’t want to take a free trial yet, no problem. Just give us your email address and we’ll let you know when any other offers come up.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why should I choose Zoom?

      Matriks Zoom offers a complete solution for Private Hire Operators, which includes Zoom Dispatch System, Zoom Driver app, Bespoke Customer app, Zoom Kiosk app and a dedicated bespoke Zoom website.

      This solution is reasonably priced without compromising on key features and will provide your drivers and operators with ease and efficiency which will allow you to optimise profits.

      The system simplifies and automates your operations which means you can save time and money. The intelligent algorithm chooses the right driver for the job every time, allowing your profits to soar.

      It is easy to switch to Zoom. Simply signup on our website, choose a pricing plan, and away you go!

      What is the pricing structure and contract requirements?

      The Zoom pricing model is the simplest in the industry: the ‘pay-as you-earn’ model gives you flexibility and can save you money.

      The pricing tiers start from £0.14 per completed booking, or free, depending on the features you wish to have included. Full details can be found on the website.

      There is no fixed contract with Zoom. In the unlikely event that you want to stop using the system, or if you would like to change pricing tier, you are not locked in.

      Can the apps and website be branded for my company?

      Yes. We offer a white-label solution: we can customise your apps and website, allowing for your logo and branding to be prominent.

      Do I have full access to the data from the system?

      Yes. The dispatcher groups together your data in comprehensive tables. You are then able to download this data to your computer in just a few clicks.