Powerful auto-dispatch software saves time and money

Zoom dispatch software for private hire

Zoom Dispatch makes it easy to manage your drivers, passengers and accounts from a single, easy to to use system (with similar screens to other popular taxi dispatch systems).

Passengers can book via telephone, an app or your website and Zoom’s automatic dispatch function ensures that jobs are allocated quickly and efficiently to the most relevant driver, providing the extra help you need to manage peak times without needing to take on additional operators.

And Zoom Dispatch is flexible. You can set unlimited prices, zones and tariffs, and you can add and remove cars at any time, at no extra charge. Easy-to-read screens show you exactly what’s going on, tracking your cars and bookings in real time, and the built in reports gives you visibility of your, and your drivers’, earnings.

So whatever the size of your fleet, Zoom takes care of it all, and keeps you updated on every journey. Start your 2 week FREE trial today, and see for yourself.

Intelligent auto-dispatch algorithm

Live mapping of drivers’ cars, colour coded by fare status

Call queues and waiting times displayed

Quick address search, quick fare entry

Quickest & shortest route optimisation

Instant messaging between driver and dispatcher

Flexible zones, tariffs & pricing

Easy to manage the account, customer and driver details

Manage a customisable list of documents for each driver

Reports 1 - gross and net revenue

Reports 2 - phone vs. web vs. app revenue

Reports 3 - drivers’ earnings

Account Invoices and Driver Statements

Export and download data with just one click

Multiple dispatchers with different roles & screens

Send booking status emails to customers

SMS notifications to customers about driver status

Receive calls through dispatcher plus caller recognition

Watch the video

See how easy it is to link dispatch with your drivers, and let your passengers book via an app, text or voice.

If you like what you see, why not take a 2 week FREE trial? Zoom could help you keep drivers, attract customers and win new business.

The benefits to dispatchers

From paying drivers to doing the paperwork, you’ve got lots to do – plus you’ve got to manage all the bookings too. Zoom takes care of everything and makes sure jobs go smoothly.

Managing workloads at busy times can be a real headache, but help is at hand. Zoom’s automatic dispatch system makes sure jobs are sent to the most appropriate driver quickly and efficiently. That means you keep your drivers and your customers happy.

Easy to use system, similar to software you know, with minimal training required

No need to buy new IT equipment or computers

Handle peaks of business more easily - no need to hire more operators

Add as many drivers or cars as you need, whenever you need them

Intelligent reporting and dashboards keep you up to speed

See which drivers are performing best

Keep drivers happy, and keep them working for you

System constantly backs up your customer database

4 simple packages – Plus a 2 week FREE trial

With Zoom there are no monthly fees and no hidden charges. You just pay for what you use, with a fixed cost per journey. For branded passenger apps and booking widget there will be a small customisation fee.

Not ready just yet?

If you don’t want to take a free trial yet, no problem. Just give us your email address and we’ll let you know when any other offers come up.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the benefits of Zoom for managers?

      Zoom has a simple to use interface and the intelligent auto-dispatch allows for smooth operations as it minimises human interaction and delay.

      It is easy to manage drivers, customers, accounts, invoices and reports with just a few clicks of a button.

      Managers will not be overwhelmed by this new system as it is similar to ‘standard’ cab software, but the additional layers of functionality and reporting will allow for much more productive day-to-day operations.

      Do dispatchers have to do anything for jobs booked through the app?

      No. All bookings made through the app or website will be automatically dispatched. The operator will be able to see these bookings coming through the system but it will not require any intervention.

      Can I change how the system treats jobs and pricing?

      Yes. You are able to change the way pricing is calculated: Fixed pricing for certain journeys, prices per mile, and specific prices for different vehicles. You can also choose the type of route to base your pricing on, the distance for which you will accept jobs, commission amounts for your drivers, and which vehicles can be substituted if the requested type is not available.