Zoom.taxi reaction to Uber licence decision

Zoom.taxi chief operating officer Fareed Baloch said the decision by Transport for London not to renew Uber’s license in the capital was “a win for the tax payers and for laws governing safety and employment rights.”

“Uber has known for a long time of the issues which have concerned the licensing authorities and statutory bodies in the UK regarding their operation in the UK.

“They could have addressed them but they did not.

“Of course they do have the right to appeal but I hope, as do so many PHV companies in the UK who pay a fair wage, who pay their taxes and who run responsible businesses here, that the writ of law will uphold.”

Mr Baloch added, “I don’t know how they claim their 40,000 drivers will go out of works, when they treat them as self employed.

“Being self employed they can always go to work for the many other private hire companies.”

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