Zoom launches new dispatch software

The world of technology is continually changing and here at Zoom we are no different. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and today we can announce the release of our new dispatcher.

Working with feedback from you, our clients we have incorporated innovative ideas to give you a smoother, quicker and more intuitive experience with Zoom.

At the base of these changes are cutting edge technologies which will allow us to continue developing improvements in the days to come.

Our software has also been optimised to work on any device, meaning you can take it on the move, accessing it from a tablet, or even your mobile. We know the 21st century consumer is making more and greater demands on their service providers and we want to help you not only deliver but exceed their expectations.

To ensure you have the best experience and to allow us to collect feedback, we are releasing a slightly stripped back version for beta launch. You will be able to use all the core features on the new design at the usual site: https://zoomdispatch.com

A few features have not been included in our initial release, but if necessary you will still be able to access these at https://zoomdispatch.com/old

You will see your data exactly the same on both the new and old versions.

Most of our pages are in the equivalent place on the new dispatcher (i.e. the Manage pages are all still grouped together), but to improve the experience we have moved some pages. The list below will help you quickly get to grips with the new dispatcher and understand where to find all the pages:

Most of the Admin pages (Pricing and Settings) are now within the ‘Settings’ page

Rather than the ‘Historic Jobs’ page which restricted you to specific categories, we now have an ‘Orders’ page on which you can filter your orders in any way you like- this can be found under the ‘Manage’ section.

The ‘Zoom Billing’ page (invoices and payment) can now be found under ‘My Account’ which is accessed using the profile button in the top right corner.

Adding a phone number to the system can now be done through Settings -> Communication

Adding Vehicle Documents can now be done under each individual vehicle, rather than through the associated driver. You can quickly switch between drivers and their assigned vehicle to make this process easier.

I hope you enjoy using our new and improved dispatcher, and we welcome any feedback. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team at support@zoom.taxi or on 0800 077 8818.

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