Zoom brings down prices to help you stay competitive

Here at Zoom, we are always looking for the best ways to make our system affordable for you as well as providing you with the latest in technology. This is why we have revised our pricing plans and have all new low rates!

We have significantly reduced the cost of each of our pricing tiers. Our basic tier has been reduced to £0.14 per completed booking. The standard tier has come down to £0.22, and the premium tier has had its pricing slashed all the way down to £0.45. This gives our clients more flexibility and allows even better value for money!

Within this restructuring, we are introducing a small fee for the customisation of the passenger apps and booking website or widget. Instead of including the price of this within your pricing tiers, we are separating it. This means that you will no longer be hemmed in to a pricing tier for one feature, and you can pick and choose the elements which will work perfectly for you.

As a company we believe in championing for small businesses. SMEs are crucial for keeping the markets fair and competitive. Of course, it is not easy to get started in such a competitive industry. This is why we are pleased to announce our exciting new COMPLETELY FREE pricing tier!

This free tier gives you access to the Zoom Dispatcher and Driver App. With 500 jobs allowed per month, it is the perfect way to start and begin to grow your business without worrying about the cost.

If you want to learn more about what is included in each pricing tier, head to our pricing plans page now.

4 simple packages – Plus a 2 week FREE trial

With Zoom there are no monthly fees and no hidden charges. You just pay for what you use, with a fixed cost per journey. For branded passenger apps and booking widget there will be a small customisation fee.