Safer travel – why you should always book your cab

New technologies allow us to keep ourselves and our loved ones safer, and travelling is no different.

The media has been full of stories about incidents involving cabs, particularly sexual assaults on women. The number one rule told to all passengers is to use a licensed company and make sure you book in advance. That way, if there is a problem, the driver can be traced.

With zoom’s app, we allow your company to take passenger safety to the next level, providing that peace of mind and confidence for your passengers. Features such as being able to upload driver and vehicle documents like driving licenses, taxi badges, taxi specific MoTs all help to show your customers that they are safe with your company.

Operators then can go to the dispatcher and approve these documents making sure their drivers meet all company and regulatory requirements. Only when the documents are approved will a driver be able to get a job, so your customers have that reassurance that you take safety seriously.

We know that paperwork can be very time consuming so we’ve also taken an extra job on for you: To keep the driver and vehicle documents up to date, when any mandatory document is approaching expiry, the drivers get notified on their app. If they update the document (which is then approved by the dispatcher), they will be able to continue getting jobs. In particularly busy periods paperwork and renewals can slip our minds. With zoom, we do the remembering for you so operators know their drivers and their vehicles are fully compliant and there is no risk of sending someone out on a job who does not meet all the legislative requirements.

But passengers, particularly women, should always be reminded of the basic rules to avoid getting into harm’s way. Remind your customers that:

Even if someone in an official capacity at a venue hails you a minicab, it does not mean they have booked it. Even if the driver of a car is smartly dressed with a license sticker, your ride is illegal and unsafe unless it is booked in advance with a licensed company.

Our app allows passengers to book their journey in advance, and that can be well in advance or for when they’ve decide they’ve had enough of a night out and just want to get back home as soon as possible…we’ve all been there!

Companies who sign up with ensure their passengers can easily book their journey on their app from wherever they are and their journey will be safe and legal. It means the dispatcher has details of all the journeys booked and the drivers allocated.

Whether you are sharing a minicab with friends or ridesharing with another passenger, unless you have booked in advance with a licensed minicab company by phone, app or in person at a minicab office, it is not booked and is not safe.

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