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Police Urge Passengers To ‘Double Check’ Taxis and Minicabs

Passengers must double check to make sure they are getting into a genuine taxi or their pre booked minicab after a woman was sexually assaulted in Norwich.

Norfolk police are continuing their investigation after a woman was reportedly attacked after getting into what she thought was a taxi in the early hours of Sunday morning.

According to the Eastern Daily Press, the woman in her 20s was assaulted around 0215 in the Norwich area on April 15th.

The attack has led to councillors and the City’s black cab drivers to urge people to make sure the vehicle they are getting into is a licensed taxi or minicab.

Chris Herries, Norwich City Council’s cabinet member for safer, stronger neighbourhoods, said the incident was “unsettling”.

“You should aways double check that you are getting into the taxi you have ordered,” she said.

But Fareed Baloch from said there were plenty of ways in which passengers could be sure that the private hire vehicle they booked was the car they were getting into.

“In the world of 21st century technology your minicab can be one of the safest ways of travelling,” he said.

“There is a view that it’s only taxis you can hail which are properly licensed and reputable but customers using our app have access to a whole range of features which offer security and reassurance to all parties.

“Features like car details including license plates and stored details of drivers along with a digital record of the journey mean you can make sure you or your friends and loved ones are getting into the right car.

“It’s something customers of zoom know they can use to promote their cars and drivers in a market where people increasingly – and rightly – want safeguards.

“Drivers are put in a trusted position, particularly when people have been drinking and their guard is lowered and they don’t always make the most sensible choices.

“That’s why we also offer our customers the ability to pre book journeys in advance, unlike other ride hailing apps.”

Norwich black cab driver Paul Gray said it was important that people recognised the features of a genuine taxi.

He said the most obvious sign was that there would be a light on the vehicle indicating it was a taxi.

He added: “There should also be a badge in the back of the vehicle with a taxi number on it. Every driver should also have a city council ID card. It is white for Hackney cabs and blue for private hire.”

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