Opinion: Why Uber has it right on free rides for NHS workers

Uber have achieved some great publicity by offering two free rides to every member of NHS staff between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

The offer entitles staff members to two £10 vouchers which can be used over the festive period – as long as they download the Uber app.

The festive period is always a busy time for NHS workers who have to keep services going whilst the rest of us have time off for presents, over eating and TV marathons.

Whilst this may look like a great bonus gift to staff in one simple move, generating much needed positive publicity, what the company have actually done is far smarter. – and it’s something that other companies could get involved with.

Uber potentially have 1.5 million workers employed by the NHS downloading the app to claim their £20 journeys which is worth more to the company than the value of the rides over a 72 hour period.

They will be have made the move hoping that the new users who download the app will become new customers, generating the company more revenue over the long term.

It is access to a huge pool of potential customers that companies would be willing to pay significant sums for.

And controversially, they have been given the gift of press coverage by the Secretary of State Matt Hancock providing the company with a comment to include in their press release.

But companies who have their own app do not need to just watch whilst Uber tries to get more customers: by promoting your own company in a similar way via local and social media you can make sure that your company helps those people who are working over Christmas and perhaps try stop Uber exploiting this apparently generous offer.

And why limit it to NHS staff? There are a whole multitude of people, from police and firemen, who I am sure would be delighted for some recognition as they continue to work over the Christmas and New Year.

Uber’s Sneaky Trick

How NHS staff can claim free Xmas Uber rides

  • 1. Enter your NHS email address in this form by clicking here – you’ll then get an email by December 21 with your codes.2. Download and open the Uber app.3. Tap the menu in the top left and select ‘Payment’, select ‘Add Promo Code’ at the bottom and enter the code.

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