New regulations require modern dispatch system

When running any business it is crucial to be aware of the regulations which will shape your activities. This is no different when in the taxi industry.

This can be a complicated process as it varies between countries, and even within countries.

Luckily dispatch software, such as Zoom, takes care of much of this for you. We pride ourselves in being responsive and flexible to new trends and regulations. This means that you will always have suitable and cutting edge technology.

TfL for example, keep comprehensive lists of both existing, and newer requirements on their website.

They state that Operators are required to supply specific information to their passenger before the journey starts. This includes the vehicle registration, the first name of the driver, the licence number, and a photo where possible.

With Zoom, information like this comes as standard. We notify passengers on your behalf in three different ways: by text, by email, and through the app. As soon as a driver has accepted a job, the passenger will receive this information. This means that as long as you have filled in the driver details, you do not need to worry about this!

Another aspect that is often insisted upon by regulatory bodies, is full records and data. The Zoom system, can automatically generate many data tables and reports about your business. These can be viewed on the dispatcher, or downloaded to your computer. All of this data is yours, so we will never restrict you from seeing it.

This means that with just a few clicks of a button, you are able to comply with whatever regulations are needed.

Regulations can seem overwhelming at times, but with a modern dispatch system you can relax!

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