How can prevent losing drivers.

Since 2010, booking a ride by just tapping on your phone has become part of our life. Many private firms have stepped forward using tech at the forefront of their business.
Business’ fought to bring more opportunities to the drivers and riders, in the hope to lead the Industry.

In 2019, you might have seen, that Regina Taxi Company lost its drivers and filed a case against Uber. The owner of the company Mr. Singh said “Nobody’s making money. That’s the problem. If you’re not making enough money you’re not going to stay here.”
Taxi companies spoke out against the proposed legislation which imposes fewer regulations on ride-share companies than that of taxi companies, saying it created an uneven playing field and put rider safety at risk.

This was not for the first time that companies were raised up against each other. In most of these scenarios, Uber is a common enemy for them. This is why Uber has faced many issues as well as many controversies.

To help overcome this “” evolved. decided private dispatch companies needed a way of fighting back. carried out in depth customer research, reaching the conclusion that the core stumbling block that many companies struggle to provide hassle free services for their customers. helps overcome this. Please take a look for yourself.

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