Drivers’ rights and passenger safety should come first: sign our petition

The news that Transport for London will not be renewing Uber’s license in the capital made global news and resulted in fierce debate about the PHV market in London. We also saw a petition set up by Uber’s staff calling for the decision to be overturned.

We believe that TfL made the right decision and that regardless of how wealthy a company is or which friends they have in high places, passenger safety and drivers’ rights come first. TfL made the decision based on information including reports from the police.

We believe that TfL rules should apply to all private hire firms, whether they be small companies or the £70 billion San Fransisco transport giant Uber operating in the UK.

With that in mind we are asking you to sign and share this petition calling for the rules to be applied equally.

72% of Londoners believe that TfL should require Uber to guarantee safeguards such as the minimum wage and paid holidays for their drivers, according to a poll of adults in London conducted by YouGov on behalf of SumOfUs.

So if you believe that no one company should be above the law or able to bypass licensing requirements particularly when public safety is involved, please sign the petition and share with your customers, colleagues and friends, even if you aren’t in London.

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