Discount Codes Now Available For Apple and Android have launched a new discount option for android users, following on from the popular feature which was available for iOS customers.

The discount codes offer companies the chance to take part in marketing and promotional work – or to reward loyal customers and are available as part of the passenger app from Zoom.

The discount codes work based on a set amount basis, such as £10 off a journey.

To make it specific to your company and fit with your marketing strategy, we let you choose your own code for it to work around seasonal deals, new customers or loyalty promotions.

You can set it to be valid between specific dates and you can choose whether it is single use or multi use based on the passenger using it.

“The ability to add discount codes to a journey has been available on the iOS passenger app and it proved very popular,” said Catriona Bogle. “Based on these results, we decided to add it to the Android passenger app which is now up and running.”

Clients interested in using this latest feature from should contact to find out more.

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