Cab Drivers United Call for Regulatory Changes in Chicago

‘There’s forces closing in on these small-business owners, and they don’t know where to turn’ says Tracey Abman, associate director of CDU.

39% of taxi companies in Chicago are small, family owned firms. These firms are being pushed out of the market by the big ride sharing companies, Uber and Lyft. This is a pattern which is occurring all over the US and around the world.

As medallion prices plummet, Cab Drivers United are calling for regulatory changes for the city:

  • Owners should not have to purchase new vehicles if the previous one passes inspection.
  • Drivers should be able to pay ground transportation tax in instalments.
  • Vehicle license renewal fees should be removed.


These changes would allow these firms to compete and regain their lost market share. We support these regulatory proposals and want to help support the firms to do this.

As well as regulation changes, technological advances of recent years need to be available and affordable for smaller companies.

Zoom is a UK based company providing an end-to-end solution for firms operating in local markets who are feeling the pressure. We provide intelligent algorithms and user-friendly apps to compete with the global companies, on a simple ‘pay-as-you-earn’ basis.

We want to help the 42% of taxis which are inactive on the streets of Chicago, and across the US, get back to providing their superior customer service. With regulatory changes and improved technology, together we can rejuvenate fair market competition. offers a 2 week free trial with no strings attached. There’s no better way to see how you can help yourself fight back against these global players.


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