Blind Passengers Should Be Welcomed In Taxis, Says Zoom

Guide Dogs has reported an increase in the number of blind passengers being refused rides by taxis in Shropshire.

Responding to the calls made to authorities in Shropshire to educate taxi drivers on welcoming blind people with guide dogs into their vehicle Fareed Baloch from said “Blind people using guide dogs must not be refused carriage from a taxi or private hire firm.”

The Shropshire Star has has written that a number of cases have been reported across the Shropshire region of taxi drivers refusing to take fares because passengers have a guide dog.

Andrew Farrell, of Guide Dogs, said they “have seen it becoming an increasing problem across the area.”

“Under law they should be able to get in a taxi with their dogs, but some refuse and this needs to change,” he said.

“It can cause issues with a blind person as they will be worried about booking a certain taxi driver, or even booking a taxi at all.

“It isn’t the drivers fault, they need to be educated on the matter.”

Mr Baloch said the issue wasn’t “just about the law, it’s about human decency too.”

“People with disabilities are more vulnerable and leaving people by a kerbside, unable to get home or to important medical appointments is not something the industry should be about.

“Less abled people are more reliant on minicabs and taxis because of their mobility issues and this is why anti discrimination laws were brought in.

“It is the lack of knowledge which is one of the reasons why Zoom have been calling for the reintroduction of more stringent requirements for drivers who are authorised by the local authority.”

Contact has been made with Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Council in a bid to educate the drivers about the matter.

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