Announcing our New Features

We are pleased to let you know that we have just updated our dispatcher to include several new and exciting features.

Client feedback is always important to us, so we have taken this on board and made some changes accordingly. As these changes have been based on client requests, we know that they are going to make your lives easier.

We have now introduced the ability to delete drivers from the Manage -> Drivers page. This was a popular request, as many of you were concerned with your driver page getting clogged up with departed or duplicate drivers. You can now simply press the delete button under a driver image, and be able to clear up your list.

We know that it’s important for you to be able to see exactly where your drivers have been. That is why we’ve introduced the ability to see your driver’s exact route on the Job Info popup. Once a job has been completed, the Fare Info page will show you the colour-coded route that your driver took- yellow for driving to pick up, and green once the passenger is on board.

We have also added in a new notification feature. This will allow for more information and updates to come to you. Notice the bell symbol in the top right corner.

Recurring bookings are also now available from the booking form. Simply click the yellow icon next to the date / time and you will be able to set the job to automatically repeat based on your specified days.

We hope these new features help keep your experience with Zoom a great one for your business and your customers and as always we want to hear your feedback.

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