64% of taxis in Christmas spot check had problems

Spot checks carried out in North East Lincolnshire in the run up to Christmas revealed that 65% of them had problems, with one even being taken off the road immediately, The Grimsby Telegraph reports.

Police and Licensing officers from North East Lincolnshire Council inspected 45 local taxi and private hire vehicles in late night spot checks ahead of the winter weather and the busy period for the industry as revellers take to bars and restaurants.

The inspections are frequently carried out to check the state of the vehicle, that clear signage is in place and that the driver has their ID badge.

During the course of the December checks, the following issues were found:

  • One driver was given advice about wearing a seat belt
  • Front and rear indicators were found not to be working on one vehicle. The Police issued a defect notice and the vehicle was immediately suspended from use.
  • ABS light was on constantly during an inspection. The Police issued a vehicle defect notice.
  • One driver was found to be without his ID badge.
  • One driver was given advice about wearing a seat belt.
  • One driver was given advice on sticking to the speed limit.
  • Six vehicles were found to be unclean.
  • Eight drivers received advice regarding tyres that were close to the legal limit.
  • Eight vehicles were found to have minor defects with their lights.
  • One driver was found without a tariff card.
  • One vehicle had slight damage to it: Advice was issued to the driver on getting it fixed.

Fareed Baloch of Zoom.taxi said drivers “need to take the safety of their vehicles seriously: people rely on them to get home safely after a night out and for the sake of an indicator bulb or a new tyre you could have an accident and ruin someone’s Christmas.

Mr Baloch also said that the bad performance of one driver had an impact on the rest of the industry. “This is a high proportion of vehicles which did not pass checks and that is very concerning: in this industry any kind of preventable accident or bad behaviour by a driver reflects on everyone else.”

Councillor David Bolton, portfolio holder for licensing, said: “These checks are a routine piece of work for our licensing officers, working in partnership with Humberside Police.

“We are now approaching the Christmas party season, and lots of people will be out enjoying themselves, expecting to climb into a taxi at the end of the night.

“The last thing we want is for any of those taxis to be in an unsafe condition, putting people’s lives at risk. We urge taxi drivers in our borough to stick to the rules and ensure that their vehicles are in peak condition at all times.

“If drivers aren’t sure what they should be doing, they can contact the Council’s licensing team for more information.”

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