The Silver Lining of Uber’s Rise

Uber stormed the industry, launching in San Francisco in 2010 and London in 2012. Now they are in 540 cities worldwide, and are gaining customers every day.

This all sounds very intimidating doesn’t it?

Well I’m here to remind you that it’s not all about these statistics. Public perception makes a huge difference to how a company can function, and that is one battle Uber are beginning to lose.

The news has been fit to burst recently with controversies about Uber. From the self-employment debate, to the question of whether they are a transportation service or a digital platform. From the safety of their drivers, to the safety of their passengers. Not to mention the heavy criticism from traditional taxi firms who have been undercut. There is a tide of public resentment growing against Uber.

This is your chance to take back the market share they took from local private hire companies.

Driver dissatisfaction with the way Uber run their business will help drivers realise how good they had it when in real employment.

Customer doubts about safety will push them back to the local firms they know and trust.

Technology in the taxi industry has become a necessary, and beneficial change. Uber has shown the importance of being a part of this trend.

If you combine the trust and loyalty of a local firm, with the technology style of a global company, you are sure to find success.

Zoom can help you achieve these goals! Using out intelligent dispatch system with driver app, passenger app, and website, you can run at optimal efficiency and ease.

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