How to make the most of social media

Social media plays a crucial role in the lives of people today.

This means that it is an important environment for marketing your firm. This is especially true in the private hire industry, as young people account for a high proportion of bookings.

Social media is all about the relationship that you have with your customers. Being present on these sites will allow your company to enter comfortably into the consciousness of your existing and new clients. If you plan your interactions carefully, then you will reap the rewards. Happy, entertained customers will stay loyal and allow your business to boom.

Here are some top tips for maximising your social media presence and benefits:

  • Interact with your visitors
    • Whether people are asking questions, reporting a complaint, or giving a shout out to an exceptionally good driver, make sure you respond. Do this in a friendly and personable way.
    • This will make the customer feel valued and understood, no matter what the reason for the interaction, and will increase the likelihood of loyalty.
  • Reward customer loyalty
    • A classic example of this is Uber’s ‘free rides’ for inviting your friends
    • Not every company will be able, or willing, to do However, it is a useful tactic to think about.
    • Maybe offer one free ride to the first person who shares your Facebook post?
    • Or just thank in writing your most vocal supporter on Twitter?
    • Whatever the reward, show your customers that you appreciate their support and that they get more than just a journey with you.
  • Give your followers more than just a hard sell.
    • Don’t bombard your followers with sales pitch after sales pitch about why they should use your firm. Chances are, your competitors are doing the exact same.
    • In addition to promoting your brand, share things that your customers will find interesting. Facts about the city in which you are based, or even exciting internet games. Anything which is a bit different will make you stand out.

Now that you know these social media tips, go out there and create your accounts! Building a following can take some time, so be patient with it, but remember it will pay out in the end.

Of course, having efficient and easy to use dispatching software and passenger apps is another aspect you can brag about on social media! And it will help to ensure your high level of customer satisfaction. If this sounds great, contact us for more information.

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