Make your company centre stage

We want YOU to take centre stage.

The increase of ride-sharing apps and aggregators is taking the emphasis away from individual firms. Your customers want to be loyal to you but the convenience and ease of technology are drawing them away.

Whether you are a small local firm who has already built up a loyal customer base, or a newcomer looking to expand, failing to have an intelligent dispatch system can greatly decrease your potential client base.

If we assume that customers want both the convenient of Uber, but also the comfort of a trustworthy firm, then your success can be as simple as purchasing a really good app.

Having your own software, with bespoke apps, means that your customers will encounter YOUR logo every time they book a journey. This allows you to build up customer loyalty and allow your firm to take centre stage.

With all the changes lately in the taxi industry we have one key suggestion:

Take control for yourself!

4 simple packages – Plus a 2 week FREE trial

With Zoom there are no monthly fees and no hidden charges. You just pay for what you use, with a fixed cost per journey. For branded passenger apps and booking widget there will be a small customisation fee.