How to keep your drivers happy

Everyone knows ‘a happy wife means a happy life’, but in this business it is important to remember:

Business won’t be shabby if you’ve got a happy cabby!

Considering the trend towards ride-sharing apps, it has become especially important to keep your drivers loyal. And keeping them loyal can be as simple as keeping them happy!

You should ensure that you are, to the best of your ability, focusing on keeping a good relationship with your drivers, making their job as effortless as it can be, giving them benefits and incentives where the scope of your company will allow, and recognising their success.

Below are a few simple examples for you to achieve this:

  1. Offer your drivers more flexible working hours. This is one of the big sells of Uber, so joining this trend will allow your drivers to feel that they are in the best place for them.
  1. Find every way possible to give them job ease. Having an intelligent dispatch system like Zoom will mean seamless job integration and no more empty runs!
  1. Meet up with your drivers on a regular basis. Sure, meetings may need to be part of this, but why not take them out for lunch once a quarter? They’re sure to appreciate it!
  1. Offer rewards for drivers who have the highest customer satisfaction. The Zoom app allows passengers to rate their drivers, so this is easy to do!

Of course, no two firms are the same, so you should take the essence of this advice and work out how best to apply it to your employees.

Remember, happy drivers are more productive!

If you would like our help keeping your drivers happy with Zoom intelligent dispatch system, please contact us for more information

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