Why Customers Will Choose You

For any business it is important to know why customers are making certain decisions. This allows the company to adapt and improve their services to optimise profits.

It should be the same for you!

A study was undertaken in New York about customer’s reasons for choosing yellow taxis or e-dispatch services (hackney carriages or private hire apps for us Brits). It showed that more customers chose e-dispatch due to: short wait, easy to pay, and safety. But they picked taxis for comfort and because they were late.

This demonstrates what areas private hire companies should be maintaining and improving.

The good news is that you can take the lead on most of these factors! All you need is a well-functioning dispatch system and app. Let’s look at these features:

  • Short Wait: having a dispatch system which uses an intelligent algorithm means that the driver in the most sensible location will be sent to a pickup. As well as reducing your customer’s waiting time, this also prevents your drivers facing many empty runs.
  • Easy to Pay: in-app payments have made things much easier for customers. With the Zoom customer app, they have the choice between paying by card or cash. More choice = more customer satisfaction= more revenue!
  • Safety: people feel comfortable using local firms that they know and trust. With Zoom dispatch, you have the technology to rival Uber, but customers know that you are a fully licensed firm who they have confidence in.

Customers choosing you because they are running late requires a change of perceptions. Luckily this will happen naturally! As your firm grows and develops with your increased revenue, your customers will begin to realise that a car is never far away.

But I’m afraid, comfort is one factor you will have to tackle on your own!

Although this research was undertaken in New York, we believe people around the world really aren’t that different!

So wherever you are, these are the important criteria you should be focusing on.

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